Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunny In Palo Alto

Tuesday: (06/12) We were up fairly early for breakfast tea and berry cobbler in the back yard.

Yard Plants On Vacation From Greenhouse Wilton Walkway Project
After breakfast I started cleaning out the green house and removing the existing bricks from the floor. I finally decided to do the green house the proper way and redo it's floor as well as the walkway. It seems like I'm always doing something to it so maybe now I won't have to. The greenhouse was put up quickly several years ago when it had to be removed from the side of the house where it originally was located. At the time we had a raised flower bed by the fence and I just built the greenhouse over the flowerbed. Later I removed the raised bed so it had a flat floor. Then, just a couple of years ago the fence was replaced behind it requiring work on it's floor again.  Now, I want to put base rock under the green house floor as well. The current floor is on native (clay) soil and a little sand.

Wilton Walkway Project Bricks From Greenhouse Floor Wilton Walkway Project Bricks From Greenhouse Floor
I stacked the bricks I removed from the green house in front of the back raised flower bed. They probably wont return there but will become a walkway elsewhere behind the sunroom.

Lunch was leftover chili Colorado on baked potatoes. After lunch I showered, a necessary effort in this heat. The green house is unshaded so quite warm. I then took Dawn to an appointment. When I returned home I completed the relocation of the greenhouse plants. For dinner Dawn mad BBQ ribs with rice, sweet potato fries and artichokes.

Wednesday: (06/13) Pork buns at the Hing Kong Bakery in Mountain View for breakfast. Lou and I did some grocery shopping after breakfast. Olive loaf and horseradish cheese sandwiches for lunch. I moved some more dirt for the walkway in the afternoon. Hamburgers with vegetable soup for dinner.

Wheelbarrow Wheel Blowout
My wheelbarrows blow out. It remained round for quite a while before the tube finally blew overnight.

Thursday: (06/14) I had the last of the berry cobbler while Lou had fresh picked berries and yogurt for breakfast. I spent the morning moving dirt. By the time I finished for the day about 1030, my back was bugging me. After I showered, we headed off to meet Dawn for my Father's day meal out at the Cheesecake Factory. We hate crowds so today seemed lile a good alternate. We, of course, started with some cheesecake then followed that with a shared Shepard's pie. All very good. We stopped off at Sprout's Market on the way home. Lou had started some beef chorizo vegetable rice soup in the slow cooker this morning which was ready for dinner. I relaxed my back the rest of the time.

Friday: (06/15) I made fried potatoes with peppers and onions, hot Italian sausage and eggs for breakfast. I picked another 1/2 gallon of berries which will soon be more pies. We made another shopping run today. Fisrst , a visit to the Stanford Rummage Sale. Then visits to Costco, Grocery Outlet and Big Lots. Lunch was at US Chinese Restaurant in Redwood City. Otherwise I continued relaxing my back today. Leftover beef chorizo vegetable rice soup for dinner.

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