Monday, June 11, 2012

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

Monday: (06/11) I picked a 1/2 gallon of berries after morning tea time. I had French toast from the freezer with peanut butter and jam for breakfast. Lou had a bowl of berries with yogurt. I wanted a substantial breakfast in preparation for my morning hike.

Windy Hill OSP Windy Hill OSP
After breakfast I went up in the nearby hills for a hike with my Mid-Week Hiking Group. We met at Windy Hill OSP in Portola Valley. We hiked the Hamms Gulch Trail to the summit then back the same trail. We coupld have returned via a different trail but it had no shade so we returned the way we came due to the high temperatures today. There were seven of us on the hike, most better hikers than myself. Unfortunately Windy hill wasn't very windy so the mid 90's temperature was more noticeable. We had some great views. The hike was about 8.2 miles.

Windy Hill OSP Windy Hill OSP
We enjoyed a nice rest at the top then returned the way we came.

Windy Hill OSP Rattle Snake
Not far down the trail on the return trip I was behind all the other hikers because I had been busy taking pictures and after passing by noticed a rustling behind me on the trail. I suspected a snake so walked back to look for it. We had seen a garter snake on the way up and another not much before this location. I found a snake alright but not a garter snake. it was a large rattle snake right beside the trail. All of us had passed by without noticing it. I was the only one that got to see it.

I returned home for a shower and lunch. Enchiladas from the freezer for lunch. Then took Lou to the doctor to get her foot looked at. On our way home we stopped at target to pick up a few things then stopped by LUU Noodle House to get avocado smoothies. It was hot and they are so cool.

Dinner was Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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