Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Bunch Of Little Tasks

Wednesday: (10/03) Leftover enchiladas for breakfast.

Pottery Shed Floor
I spent a little time stripping the forms from the concrete pad and cleaning up. It really looks shiny after being sprayed with water to help it cure. Finally, this morning, the insurance adjuster arranged to come by to look at the RV. I guess I shouldn't be negative. It was three weeks ago today that I started the damage claim, found out I wasn't covered, appealed the denial because I was supposed to be covered, coverage was restored and now the adjuster came by. So, In a couple of days we should be able to get the repairs started. I spent a little time later in the morning looking at new laptop computers before Lou called and asked me to come down to remove some grout from the kitchen sink in San Jose so it can be recaulked. On the way I stopped for lunch at a Chinese buffet that I just happened to pass by. Last night we had stopped by Harbor Freight and bought a new multi-function tool to remove the caulk but the vibrations bothered Lou's wrists. After I got the grout out, Lou caulked the sink with some matching brown caulk. It should better seal the sink now. We stopped by for avocado smoothies after our work was done at the nearby LUU Noodle House in downtown San Jose. Then we each went our own ways back home. I continued laptop looking and Lou found her own interesting stops. Dinner was leftover egg foo young that Ernie made lastnuight. I've never had  egg foo young with meat and mushrooms before.  Very good.


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