Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time To Fill The Greenhouse

Wilton Greenhouse Filled For Winter
Sunday: (11/11) I tinkered in the greenhouse most of the day. Now all the plants are inside, out of the cold. We've been getting down into the 30's recently. I till need to setup the watering for the additional plants. So, I headed of the Lowe's to get some more stuff. I had a bit of a list that I collected so it took a while. Lou's biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Lou's chow mein for lunch. Leftovers for dinner.

Monday: (11/12) I had a Don McMuffin for breakfast. Lou and Dawn had cereal. They were off to San Jose for appointments. I tinkered inside all morning. When Lou returned, she made Hawaiian pizza for lunch. I finally got to work outside. I pulled some wire into the conduits I installed earlier to provide power to Lou's future shed and a new cable for some sprinkler valves. Lou helped me pull them in. It was rather cool again today. Tomorrow is supposed to start a three day warm spell so I'll have to get to work early on those days. Lou made split pea soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/13) Lou was off to an appointment early.  I set the keystones but had to wait for them to set up some before continuing so when Lou returned we went to LUU Noodle House for lunch. After lunch, I laid about half the edge bricks for the rear walkway. Leftover chow mein for dinner. It sure gets dark early now!

Wednesday: (11/14) Lou and Dawn were off early after cereal for breakfast. I started with a slice of leftover pizza and followed that with a donut. With breakfast done, I set to work. First, I cut some boards that Lou wanted. She wanted a notch on the edges of some shelf boards so I ad to search out my router to complete the job. My shop is not well organized even yet, after 3 years in existence. I prepared to lay some more bricks but decided I needed more sand and cement before I started. I was nearly out of both. A quick trip to Orchard Hardware fixed that.

Wilton Rear Walkway Edge Finished  Wilton Rear Walkway Edge Finished And Walkway Patch
I then got to work and laid the rest of the edge bricks. I also patched a damaged corner of the walkway by the edge. I finished and cleaned up by 14:30.

Wilton Shop Walkway  Wilton Arbor Minus The Plants
Here are a couple of pictures of other recent work. The walkway in front of Lou's future shed and the arbor without any plants. They were all put in the greenhouse.

After cleaning myself up as well, I got a late lunch from El Gruelense Taqueria down the street. My chili relleno and enchilada were tasty. I relaxed the rest of the afternoon and Lou and Dawn returned about 1700. They had leftovers for dinner, corned beef sandwiches.

Thursday: (11/15) Lou was off early to an appointment.

Wilton Rear Walkway Started
On this third nice warm day before the rains I laid about half of the rest of the walkway. The inside bricks are just placed on sand, not mortar so they were placed quickly. Too bad I could complete the walkway but now it will be a few days before i can do more, possibly Tuesday. I stopped when I ran out of sand and then stopped by the store for another load which I just got put away at home before dark. Breakfast was a couple of donuts. When Lou returned home we went to a Chinese Buffet restaurant in Santa Clara for lunch. leftovers for dinner.

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