Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1

Tuesday: (01/01) Another year begins. Funny, it doesn't look much different than yesterday? Why do they have years of 13 when they don't have building floors numbered 13?

We managed to stay awake to see in the new year. I'm treating today as another day off, my norm recently. I fixed my meatloaf Don McMuffins for everyone as breakfast. Nice way to start the day. Of course we watched the Rose Parade. Maybe next year we'll see it live? Looks like we will be delayed a couple of days getting away. We planned to leave 1/4 but probably won't get away until 1/9 now. A friend of Dawn's is coming into town from Narobi then so we'll wait to depart. The car repair seems to be going well. GMAC Insurance is nice to work with unlike companies like AAA. Lou's starting the day doing a permanent. They never seem to be really permanent. I spent some time outside finishing the drip system in the green house. All plants now are watering. We had a late lunch of a hamburger green salad with paresean cheese. Afterthat we took a little trip to Target for a walk inside since it's pretty cold out. Dinner was cheese and crackers with lunch meat. 

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