Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In Hot Water

Wednesday: (01/02) Dawn was off early to San Jose for a class. Lou and I had an early lunch as breakfast at LUU Noodle House, Pad Thai's for us both. I had a deferred project, the leaky hot water heater. i sized up the project and started by disassembling the housing around it. It's outside in a little shed next to the garage. The addition of siding to the house didn't make the diasassembly easy so it too a while to get apart. I checked the measurements and Lou and I went to Home Depot to it the replacement and collect other parts. Tomorrow, weather permitting and car availability, I replace it. Seems like a car is necessary to chase parts on projects like this and one is in the shop and Lou will have the other parts of the day. Dinner was leftovers. Artichoke chicken, asparagus, kale, succotash and rice.

Thursday: (01/02) I was up early as was anyone who wanted a hot shower.. I wanted to get the hot water heater replace this morning while I had the car. Lou and Dawn needed it after 11am. Breakfast was biscuits and gravy. The old WH came out easily and the new one went in place fairly easy for a 125# object into a limited access space. Then the fun began hooking it up and getting the piping to not leak. I probably made it more of a project than it needed to be by adding a new spigot for hot water for Ernie's trailer. The problem is that the space to hookup doesn't have room enough for a wrench to move freely. We did have hot water for dinner. Lunch was leftover vegetable soup. For dinner we had baked potatoes and BBQ ribs with corn.

Friday: (01/04) Lou made ham and eggs with home fried potatoes for breakfast. Dawn had a job interview today so we drove her to it then stopped by and picked up the shiny fixed up Hyundai. Quite amazing. Wrecked to repaired in one week. Actually only 2.5 work days and it's fixed. Really good service from both Andersen Behel Body Shop and GMAC insurance. We had intended to depart today and they listened when we said we wanted the car back as quickly as possible. of course, now we're delayed a couple of more days before we leave. I stopped for lunch from the Hong Kong Bakery in Mountain View, a pork bun and a couple of egg tarts. When I got home, I tinkered in the back yard racking leaves and putting things away. Salmon with millet and green beans for dinner.

Saturday: (01/05) I fixed toast with Canadian bacon, cheese and fried eggs all stacked as open faced sandwiches for breakfast. I spent the morning visiting Orchard hardware, Lowe's, and Home Depot returning surplus purchase from recent projects. I also collected a few things for new projects. I also got rid of several gift cards, rebate cards, and store return credit cards along the way. Cottage cheese and fruit  for lunch. I added a piece of aluminum angle to brace our broken RV bed lid. It broke where they added the extra foot to make the bed 5 feet wide. Now it's stronger than original. More yard cleanup as well. Chevy's Fresh Mexican Restaurant for Super Cinco's for dinner. After dinner I returned to the shop and made a little dog house for the crawl space vent fan.

Wilton Hot Water Tank Replacement WiltonHot Water For Trailer
The water heater access was rather tight. I installed spigots for hot and cold water to Ernie's trailer.

Wilton Temporary Shelter For Crawl Space Fan Wilton Crawl Space Fan Doghouse Cover
When I placed a fan to blow air under the house I erected a temporary cover for it. Bricks and a tub didn't seem to permanent so I finally built a doghouse for the fan but got interrupted to do the sump pump in San Jose before finishing it.

Wilton Hidden Dirt Pile Wilton Arbor In Winter
I rearranged some plants to hide the dirt pile and cleaned up leaves from around the area. Above right Lou winterized the fountain by draining it and covering it with a big pot (black object in center of photo).

Wilton Greenhouse
The greenhouse plants seem happy.

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