Saturday, January 19, 2013

Patton Museum, Indio, California

Saturday: (01/19) Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast then we headed about 20 miles East on I10 to Chiriaco Summit to visit the General Patton Museum. It's located at one of the old Desert Training Center Army camps used to train troops for World War II. There is a lot of interesting material there including a huge diorama that was made to layout the path of the Los Angeles Aquaduct. It just so happened that later, the same area made up the Desert Training Center. The artifacts are mostly donated by veterans.

Patton Museum Sherman Tank Patton Museum Pershing Tank
They also have a tank yard with several tanks and trucks on display. We enjoyed our visit! More leftovers for lunch then we headed onto I10 East again to Quartzsite.

Patton Museum Old Tank Dummy Skeleton Patton Museum Mule
They used canvas dummy tanks mounted to jeeps in the tank training program. My favorite vehicle is the little 4x4 mule on the right above.

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