Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Day In Las Vegas

Sunday: (02/03) We had toast with peanut butter and jam for breakfast. Fortunately the wind was mostly gone this morning. We had gotten up rather early but had to wait until 9am to depart so we could do our tank duty when it opened. With everything ready, we were off toward Las Vegas about 9:40. The first order of business was climbing the long hill West toward High 95. In no time we arrived in Henderson and stopped at the Sunset Station Casino. We had hoped that we could spend the night there a we have in some years past but for the past couple of years now they don't allow it. Too bad. We still took advantage of it's central location surrounded by thrift shops and stores. While Lou and Dawn checked out the thrift stores i tried to find a computer case/sleeve for Dawn's newer laptop. Finding one for an 11" laptop is difficult. 10" are plentiful and then Best Buy's supply went to 16" laptops. I wanted it to fit like a glove so it didn't take any more space than necessary in Dawn's carry-on bag. Radio Shack only had two computer bags in the store and one of them was just what I needed. We met back at the casino for Sunday brunch at their Feast buffet. Excellent. Buffets, are a problem in Nevada, too many, too good. After brunch, we headed on down to the Orleans Casino where we were allowed to spend the night as in the past. Dawn was busy packing to leave tomorrow. I noticed the RV starting battery was dead again. Something to do tomorrow.
(GPS: 36.1022453, -115.2009735)

Monday: (02/04) Scrambled eggs peppers and onions for breakfast. We headed over to the airport. We were allowed to go with Dawn to the boarding area and saw her off to home. The flight was delayed about an hour due to fog in San Francisco. Dawn was home by 2:30 or so. We headed up to North Las Vegas to Jerry's Nugget Casino for lunch. Lou had her prime rib and I had a combo burrito and chilli relleno. I also got a cheesecake to go for a later desert. Since Dawn was gone, Lou had leftovers for dinner, I had my cheesecake and some leftover chili beans for my dinner. After lunch we visited a thrift store nearby. We then spent the rest of the afternoon stopping at Walmart for a new battery and a few other things. I then installed the new battery and then returned the core to Walmart. Mission accomplished. Tomorrow some more shopping then we're off the Lake Mead.

Tuesday: (02/05) Breakfast was the buffet at the Orleans Casino. We spent the day browsing at the Bass Pro Shop, thrift stores, and other distractions. We stopped by the bank for supplies and gassed up the Jeep. Dinner was chili beans with cornbread. We had planned to depart today but it got late so we decided to spend another night here at the Orleans Casino. Plans are always in flux. We then noticed a window note when we returned to the RV in the evening. The casino pointed out that we, and our neighbors couldn't remain there since sleeping in a vehicle on the property wasn't allowed. Precisely why we didn't ask permission when we arrived two days ago. Since it was only 30 minutes until we planned to watch the NCIS TV show we waited until after the show to depart at 9pm. We didn't want to risk another towing in Las Vegas. We gassed up the RV, refilled drinking water bottles and were on our way planning to just go out to Las Vegas Wash for the night as we had originally intended but I missed my turn and headed on up to Valley Of Fire. Turning around would have been difficult so we continued on to our next destination the Valley of Fire.

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