Saturday, February 2, 2013

Davis Camp, Bullhead City

Bullhead City, Camp Davis View Of Casinos  Bullhead City, Camp Davis
Friday: (02/01) We settled in to a campsite at Davis Camp, a county park in Bullhead City, Arizona across the river from the casinos in Laughlin on the Nevada side of the Colorado River. Dawn and I enjoyed a trip on the free ferry across the river while Lou dorve over so she wouldn't have to walk too much. Here knee is bothering her today. We had dinner at the Casa Sereno Mexican Restaurant in the Riverside Casino. I had a wonderful chili relleno, enchilada and emplanada. Lou and Dawn shared enchiladas and tacos. I walked the riverwalk while Lou and Dawn returned home after a quick check of the casino. Our campsite is located just diagonally across the river and bridge from the casino so we get a nive view of the casino lights and the reflection of them on the river.
(GPS:35.17313884, -114.56794891)

Saturday: (02/02) Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Lou was busy watching the ducks swimming in the river while she was cooking. Today was very windy all day. Not a day to wear a hat. Lou and Dawn were off all day checking out the thrift stores and who knows what else. I spent the day at home working on Dawn's computer trying and eventually getting her antivirus program to start workign again. i also updated all our PDAnet software that allows us to use our phones to connect the computers to the Internet. We had several versions and they didn't get along all the time. At what the clock in the RV said was 2:15 i head over and caught the ferry to the Riverside Casino for lunch. The lunch buffet ended at 3:30 so I planned to be there at 2:30. Turns out i forgot about the time difference so I was an hour early. I enjoyed my buffet lunch even though it was earlier than planned. Lou and Dawn planned on having prime rib dinners at the Aquarius casino. They had to wait until after 4pm for dinner to begin. To each their own. After my lunch i checked out a couple of RV's at a dealer across the street and explored the auto museum at the riverside. I then returned home and continued the fight with Dawn's computer. I eventually won. The girls enjoyed some time in the casino after their dinner. We decided to speed another night here.

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