Saturday, February 23, 2013

Squaw Lake and Senator Reservoir Loop

Saturday: (02/23) A day at the lake.

Squaw Lake Hike

Lou made strawberry pancakes with sausage for breakfast. After breakfast I chatted with our neighbor about the folding boat, the Porta-bote that they have. We've been here to the lake four or more times and each time I promise myself not to return without a boat, canoe, or kayak, something that we can get out on the water. I still haven't succeeded in deciding on one or getting one. Hopefully before the next visit.

Squaw Lake Squaw Lake _20130223_11
Then I took a little walk around the lake. I started out on what can only be called a burro trail then back out to the lakes perimeter roadway then across part of the lake bottom. The later is rather low today. Lou saw me going across the lake bottom and came by to pick me up. She had prepared a Chinese salad for lunch.

After lunch I relaxed at home while Lou got out to check on her chuckwalla site to see if anybody was home. It's a nice warm day and they should be out today. Dinner was chorizo peppers and onions. We got such a deal on red peppers.

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