Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alamo Lake State park

Alamo Lake Site E34
Saturday: (03/23) We took I10 to highway 60 then about 35 miles up to Wenden where we decided to turn North to Alamo Lake State Park for a visit. We've never been there before. It's about 40 miles up a nice road to the lake on the Bill Williams River also about 40 miles East of the Parker Dam. Only the one paved road to the lake so we'll be leaving via Wenden  later. Nice weather, a bit cooler than down at Yuma. Leftover French fries with leftover hot and sour and chili bean soups for lunch. Another nice campsite. No TV and a rather weak roaming cell signal. In the afternoon we took a jeep trek. We can see many RV's parked on the hills across the wash from the park where we as camped. They are on BLM land which is free, hence the popularity. To get to the other site of the wash involves a 15 mile drive. 5 mile back South on the road we came in on, 5 miles East on Wayside Road and then 5 miles back North on the Wickenberg Road. All those roads are gravel.

Alamo Lake Upper End Alamo Lake Upper End Road
We explored the potential campsites and drove out to the lakes upper end for a short walk then returned home. We're comfortable where we are for this trip. Salmon with rice and acorn squash glazed with apricot jam for dinner.
(GPS: 34.2588, -113.5637)

Sunday: (03/24) We relaxed at home all day today. Lou made an omelet for breakfast. For lunch I had a grilled cheese and ham sandwich for lunch while Lou had a baked potato with blue cheese topping. Dinner was red peppers soup with coleslaw.

Monday: (03/25) Lou's fresh baked gluten free bread with sausage gravy for breakfast. We left Alamo Lake about 11am.

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