Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catalina State Park, Tucson, Az

Tuesday: (03/05) We prepared to leave after our eight day stay at Organ Pipe Cactus NM. OPCNM is definitely on our return list. We got on the road just before 10am. We stopped in Sells, Arizona on the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation at the Desert Rain Cafe. The cafe was suggested to us because it served excellent food and every item on the menu includes some type of native food. It was as good as recommended.

Catalina State Park
We pilled in to Catalina State park about 2:45. e had no reservation because there were no vacancies in the A and B loops but did have room in an overflow area called the Ringtail Loop. We plan on being here for a week or so. In the evening we went to the U-Like Chines Buffet that I noticed on the we up to the park. We also did some grocery shopping . Pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Half a prickly pear chicken sandwich with cholla pico de gallo and chips and half a tepary bean and cheese quesadilla with an apple lettuce salad served as a combo plate for me, Lou had a chicken salad with tepary beans and corn. Dinner was a Chinese buffet.
(GPS: 32.427592, -110.916667)

Wednesday (03/06) I erected our TV antenna and cell antenna and raised the solar panels so we are now settled in. We had showers at the park showers which were great. We headed out shopping today. It was a warm day. It will be cooling off and we may even get some snow again here in Tucson this Saturday. We missed the last snow storm last week. Snow in Tucson? Our campsite is in the overflow area which is actually in the Group camping area. There were no groups here so there is no crowd. That changed when we got home tonight we noticed that both of the other group areas have occupants and the overflow area we are in is almost full. This park is popular. Granola with bananas for breakfast. Costco Polish Dog for Lou and pizza for me was lunch. Dinner was at Golden Corral.

Thursday: (03/07) We extended our stay here through at least Monday. The weather report says to expect a storm tomorrow morning with possible snow on Saturday. With two stormy days approaching and today being a nice day, we headed out on the town visiting thrift stores and malls and exploring some of the interesting shops near the university. Omelets for breakfast. Lunch at the U-Like Buffet again. Chips and salsa for dinner.

Friday: (03/08) Our storm arrived about 12 hours early. Hopefully that bodes well for my Sunday afternoon hike. We had heavy rain and hail intermittently all day. Lou and I did some browsing at the nearby shops to stretch our legs. Otherwise we were at home today. Cereal and bananas for breakfast. Lunch at U-like Chinese buffet again. Nachoes for dinner.

Saturday: (03/09) Our storm continued a little today but was mostly just cloudy. There was snow on the mountains. These past two days were not good for solar electric. Lou was off to explore more thrift shops around town today. I remained home and tinkered at the computer all day. Strawberry pancakes with chorizo sausage for breakfast. I had a ham and cheese sandwich and Lou had a hot dog for lunch. BBQ ribs, baked potato and asparagus for dinner.

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