Friday, May 17, 2013

Back In Panguitch Again

Friday: (05/17) When we got ready to roll this morning I found I couldn't check the oil due to the dipstick being too tight in the tube. We retunred to the garage in Panguitch to have it looked at. It turns out the tube was damaged by the manifold exhaust gases blowing on it. A new one is on it's way from Chicago. They are no longer made nor stocked by GM so we were lucky to find one. It should be here on Monday. So we are settled in behind the garage again for the weekend. We'll probably take a couple of day trips from here in the Jeep to the North Rim and to Zion NP. Then we can leave from here into Nevada.

On our way to Panguitch we did our tank duty at Red Canyon again. The dump at Bryce is still closed. When we got into town we did our shopping. Breakfast was sausage gravy on bread. Lou made super nachos chips for lunch. Leftovers for dinner.
(GPS: 37.828725, -112.436412)

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