Monday, May 13, 2013

Bryce Canyon NP, Sunset CG

Monday: (05/13) We slept a little late this morning so that after we finished our showers it was time to move the RV into the shop so they could start working on it. Replacing the exhaust manifold took most of the day. It was removed and installed three times due to two mounting studs that took turns breaking and necessitated the removal of the manifold to drill out and tap them. With that finished near 2pm, they started the front lower ball joint replacements which should correct the alignment problem the wore out the front tires so fast. There was the potential that they would completely finish it today requiring use to live in the RV in the shop tonight but both Stewart and Dan worked on the front end work and new tire installation and got us out before 4:30pm. The work that Royal Express Transmission and Automotive did was good, timely and the prices fair. Being able to live in the RV in their yard with power was very helpfull. We filled up the gas tank and did some shopping at the market before leaving town. We stopped in at the Red Canyon Campground to use their dump and get water. When we left Bryce Canyon NP, their dump and water weren't open. Since it was after 5pm we intended to stay the night at Red Canyon thinking that Bryce might be full. Instead, we found Red Canyon CG full and continued on to Bryce Canyon NP and got one of the few remaining sites. It's nice to be back. Since the RV was on the lift all day, we ate out. Lou and Dawn went to breakfast at the Flying M Cafe having bacon and eggs or ham and eggs respectively. I finally made it to Lunch there at 11:30. I had a hot roast beef sandwich. They got to enjoy milkshakes and French fries at Henrie's Cafe for their lunch. Lou made red pepper with bean and corn soup for dinner served with toast.
(GPS: 37.624108, -112.174932)

Bryce Canyon NP Campsite Harbor Freight 800w Generator
Tuesday: (05/14) I unpacked and prepared the new generator. It's an 800 watt 2-cycle generator from Harbor Freight (HF). It's actually fairly quite and seems to handle our battery charger well. I did have to locate some 2-cycle oil for the gas. Fortunately they had it at one of the service stations just outside the entrance to the park.  We'll be getting the RV's generator repaired when we return home but didn't want to spend the time just now. The HF generator was only $105 and even if we never use it again should be worth the cost for the savings in time. It's really too bad we had to get it though since we have a nice Honda 2K sitting at home. Of course we wont be running the air conditioner on the way home now. Hopefully our path through Nevada isn't too hot. We also did some organizing and cleaning in the RV.

Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Turnouts Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Turnouts
After lunch we drove out the Park road to the end stopping at the viewpoints. The weather was really nice today with only a little extra breeze at times. Tomorrow is a hike day for me. Leftovers for breakfast. I had corned beef hash with eggs. Lou and Dawn had spaghetti. For lunch we had ham quesodillas with more leftovers. Lou and Dawn had salad and I had soup. For dinner we had chorizo hamburgers smothered with fried onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and some cheese.

Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Turnouts Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Turnouts
Each viewpoint provides a different grand show.

Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Turnouts Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Turnouts
Not just red rocks here. Some gold, white and other colors add to the show.

Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Turnouts Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Turnouts
A lot of statuary that was nature made is on display.

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