Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moab, UT Relaxing By the River

Wednesday: (05/01)We relaxed at home today. It ws cool and windy today. Pancakes with sausage for breakfast. Lou made some creamed chicken and onion sou for lunch. A little before noon I started some pork chops with sauerkraut and potatoes for dinner.

Thursday: (05/02) We extended our stay her at Big Bend through Saturday night. Then we took the RV into town and stopped for breakfast at the Wake And Bake Cafe. Lou had a breakfast taco and I had a breakfast burrito. After breakfast we went over to the Farm and City General Store where, for $5, we were able to dump our holding tanks and fill our water tank. The a stop by the City Market before returning home. We parked head-in looking at the river this time. Previously we had parked the tail-in because of the slope of the parking space. Our rear sits about one degree higher than the front. Even though I added an additional leveler block we still have a little slope toward the river but the view is nice so we'll live with it. Lou's potato salad for lunch. We relaxed at home nursing our colds the rest of the day. We watched all three Crocodile Dundee movies. Leftover creamed chicken onion Soup for dinner.

Potash Evaporation Ponds Below Dead Horse Point Potash Road Below Dead Horse Point
Friday: (05/03) Ham and pancakes for breakfast. We drove out to Dead Horse Point State park for a look at the Canyon and river below. We got a good look at where we had been taking our little jeep trek out to Chicken Corner. In the left photo above the blue is some evaporation ponds for a mine.

White Rim Rd Descendng From Canyonlands Park Entrance Seem From Dead Horse Pt White Rim Rd
We also looked over the Potash Road below on the opposite side of the river from our previous jaunts. We decided to take that road back. We headed on out to the Island In The Sky Section of Canyonlands NP. Just after entering the park, the White RIm Road turns off and heads down toward the river. A few miles down, and a couple of thousand feet and we left the White Rim Road turning onto Potash Road. The whole trip was on fairly good roads.

Red Flowers On White Rim Rd Colorado River Seen From Potash Road Below Maze Sec Of Canyonlands NP
Some nice red flowers by the road. You gt some closer views of the river from the road.

Chicken Corner Seen From Potash Road Jeep On Potash Road
Nothing even a little challenging as it is on the other side of the river. We could have made it easily in our Volvo. For some reason, the views down at the lower mesa level seem better.

Potash Evoporation Pond On Potash Road
 view of the blue evaporation ponds for the mine as seen from below. Sort of like mirror lake.

We headed home about 5pm. Ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch at Dead Horse Point overlooking the Canyonlands and the Colorado River. Leftover pork chops with potatoes and sauerkraut for dinner. It was a nice sunny day all day though it was cool enough for me to stay in my long pants.

Saturday: (05/04) Saurkraughted potatoes with onions and sausage hash with eggs for breakfast. We headed in to town and did our laundry. While Lou watched it I washed the Jeep. Not so sure it was a good idea because now I wouldn't want to take it on a dusty road. The red dust was caked on so I had to do some detail work to get rid of it. A stop for gas and at the market and we returned home. It's a nice, warm day. We continued our relaxation hoping to get rid of our colds. Lou made hot and sour chicken and chorizo soup for lunch. Beef stroganoff for dinner. We enjoyed a campfire this evening, our fist in a long time. Our neighbors Paul and Sue from Salt lake joined us at the fire. We mentioned we had been to Alaska and they are planning their trip there so we shared our experience from our trip with them.

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