Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's Really Hot Here

Wilton Plants  Wilton Arbor
Saturday: (06/29) Granola and bananas for breakfast.While we had a cooler morning we enjoyed tea under the arbor and I did a little arbor pruning of the wisteria which really gets out of hand if allowed.

Wilton Patio  Wilton Garden
We also plucked a bunch of apricots and delivered bags to the neighbors as well as keeping some for a cobbler. The garden is getting bigger.

A neighbor set out a nice dining room table which we collected and delivered to Courtney's apartment. Our hot weather made us not want to do much today. While we are only getting up to the mid 90's today, elsewhere it's getting really hot.

Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich. Lou made Pad Thai with broccoli for dinner.

Sunday: (06/30) Granola for breakfast. I tinkered with various tasks in the morning. We tried setting up Ernie's awning for the trailer but it's too tight to work . It did need drying out though. That led to cleaning off the leaves from the trailer. A few other tasks brought me to lunch time and the hot time of day. Lunch was a ham pepper and tomato salad. Lou made an apricot cobbler which we had for an afternoon snack. The afternoon was spent inside. For dinner we had some roast beef cooked with sauerkraut and French fried potatoes. After dinner I packed up my stuff and headed down to San Jose so i can start work early in the morning.

Monday: (07/01) I started my day with a roast beef, cheese and egg sandwich for breakfast.Then I was out early to apply some paint stripper. While I waited for the stripper to work  I scheduled the hike I'll lead this Friday for my hiking group. I finished up the little 10 foot wide section I've been working on. Unfortunately I'm not happy with the job. The 96 year old base paint coat doesn't come off completely and or at all with the stripper so I started thinking of other methods. i don't like the chemical method anyway. I found a tool that shaves off the paint bringing it down to bare wood that can then be primed and painted to look just like original, or so the reviews and Purdue University say. Lunch was leftover roast beef and sauerkraut. After cleaning up and having lunch I visited Sears and Harbor Freight. I need a part for the router from Sears and a few other things for Harbor Freight, the Men's toy store. For dinner I got some KFC chicken.

Tuesday: (07/02) I started the morning by ordering a tool to help strip the paint, the PaintShaver Pro. Now I have to wait for it to arrive.Of course with out heat spell high temperatures, that isn't a bad idea. After that, I tinkered with thinks other than stripping paint. I cleaned up around the house, removed some fencing and downspouts, removed some old plumbing that used to take the rain water to the sewer and pulled nails and other stuff attached to the walls. I then loaded up a bunch of junk to return to home for disposal and recycling. On the way home, after lunch. I stopped at our local excellent lumber store to pick up some redwood beveled siding to replace damaged siding. Unfortunately the 4" version isn't available so I'll have to mill some myself.  Granola for breakfast. Leftover KFC chicken for lunch. We went to  Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/03) Tea in the back yard to start the day. Very little work and a lot of relaxing today. Apricot cobbler for breakfast. A visit to our LUU Noodle House for lunch of Pad Thai, chow fun noodles and egg rolls. Leftovers for dinner. I had more roast beef and sauerkraut.

Thursday: (07/04) I got up a little earlier than planned due to a noise on the sunroom roof. We had a little heavy rain to start the day. Kind of weird  when I stepped outside and there were no clouds overhead, just one a ways to the North that leaked for about 30 minutes on us.  After the usual tea in the back yard, I did a little work on a sprinkler leak by the arbor. Previously I had found a punctures flex pipe to one of the sprinklers and fixed it but it still remained wet in the area. It right beside the sprinkler valves so there are a lot of pipes in the area. I exposed some of the pipes and vacuumed the water out and looked for water flow. Turns out one of the valves was leaking. I capped it off and will see it that is all the leaks then, if so, will repair the valve. Snacks for lunch. Our neighbor Meili and friend Courtney joined us for dinner. Ernie manned the fire. Dinner was wieners roasted over a fire in the back yard served with corn on the cob, fresh salsa, potato salad and chips. Desert was fresh strawberries. Granola for breakfast.

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