Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Little Holiday Work

Sunday: (09/01) I fixed a eggs and a sausage hash with onions and some  green peppers from our garden. i helped Ernie to install a top to his work table. Lou installed some LED lights on the big bird cage which I then had to run power to. The i went over to Home Depot and bought a piece of plywood, which I had them cut for me since my table saw was in San Jose. Lunch was leftover Chinese fried rice and some grapes. After lunch I built two platforms for the steps into the house so Lou can more easily enter with her walker after her knee operation. Dinner was BBQ ribs with noodles and cauliflower. After dinner  Dawn made some banana ice cream, non-dairy of course.  I packed up and drove down to San Jose. Even though this is a holiday weekend, I need to get some work done and I'll be taking two weeks off soon to stay with Lou after the operation. After I got all my stuff into the apartment I returned outside because I had been hearing  a great band playing at the block party just South of our block. Of course, the music stopped just as I came out to listen. On the way home, I saw one of the best sunsets I've ever seen here in the valley.  I only got to see it in my rear view mirror but it was very impressive!

Monday: (09/02) The title is correct, just not what i planned. I did very little work. I did get some organizing, cleanup and other tasks done in the apartment. Chorizo with onions and eggs for breakfast. Ham, tomato and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pastrami with leftover hash for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/03) I continued stripping around the window up front. It's the one I rebuilt and today i stripped around it, sanded around it and reinstalled the window. Unfortunately, I managed to break two of the little glass panes on the rebuilt window when cleaning off the excess paint from the glass. This should teach me that it's easier to use masking tape than a razor blade. Not really a problem. I'll replace the broken panes later when I replace some other broken glass. I'm debating, with myself, whether to use the next two days to paint what I've prepared or continue stripping more wall. I don't want to be part way through two coats of primer and a color coat and have to remove my masking for my two week hiatus. Leftover chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Ham, tomato and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chili rellenos for dinner at the La Victoria.

Wednesday: (09/04) I did some caulking and spackling today. Later i started removing some siding to be replaced and some paint stripping. Granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich with some cherry tomatoes for lunch. Cottage cheese and fruit and a chicken pot pie for dinner.

Thursday: (09/05) A bacon breakfast burrito at La Victoria Restaurant started the day. I started my work day by installing some new siding pieces at the front of the house and finished it with some paint stripping on the porch area. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I finished up early and went by Harbor Freight to swap the bad sawsall for a  new one. The old one would hold on to it's blades. For dinner I met Lou, Dawn, Courtney and Ernie at the Black Angus Restaurant in Sunnyvale. They are the only place that has prime rib on Thursday and Lou anted some for her "last" meal before her surgery tomorrow morning.


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