Monday, March 3, 2014

Pismo Beach, North CG

Monday: (03/03) We did our final preparation to leave. Frankly, one should never take such a long break in moving the RV. Habits are lost. When I left the house with Dawn in the RV, I drove off without the step and door mat so I had to return to get them. For some reason, the clock started falling out of the bulkhead above the dash. Lou had an appointment at noon after which we hooked up in Santa Clara and hit the road South at about 3pm. It was raining. Sauerkraut potatoes with pork and eggs for breakfast. Coconut bars for lunch. Dinner in Greenfield at a the Rancho San Miguel Market. Excellent chili relleno plate for me and super nachos for Lou and Dawn. I also enjoyed a piece of cheese cake that was one of the best I’ve had in quite a while and it was only $2. Prices are great and the food outstanding. This is one of our new must stops since we discovered it last year. We settled into the Pismo Beach North Campground a little before 8pm. Even though we arrived so late we got a good outside spot, the last. Lots of the sites are or have been flooded in the last storm. (GPS: 35.13052, -120.63602)

Tuesday: (03/04) Leftover sauerkraut potatoes with pork and eggs. A nice morning, 68 degrees at 0800.

Pismo Beach Walk
Lou and I took a walk on the beach from the park to the pier, quite a ways for Lou. I returned with the car to bring her home. We then went to the market, a thrift store, a hardware store and an RV parts store. I need to look at some things and then can get a few parts need for the motorhome. Nice to find a well stocked RV parts store like RV World.  We then picked up Dawn and went to lunch at Pismo Fish And Chips. We relaxed at camp the rest of the afternoon.

Pismo Beach Sunset
Lou and Dawn walked the park while I napped and I took a walk around camp and to the beach at sunset. Lou made asparagus soup for dinner. In the evening we watched the Joy Luck Club movie.

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