Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 13, Guzzler Cistern, Mile 139.5

Wednesday: (04/30) On the trail at 0630. I started with a good climb.

PCT Hike Trail_ PCT Hike Resting Feet _
Nothing really interesting along the trails today. Every so often, I stopped and aired out the feet, socks, and shoes.

PCT Hike Angel Mike _
A water stop at Mike’s place before another serious climb was appreciated. I had lunch overlooking a big valley. Another water stop at Tule Spring, even though it was a 1/4 mile off trail down a steep hill turned out to be a wise decision. I stopped for the night at Guzzler Cistern with most of the folks I spent all day amoung. They got their water from the cistern which looked very green. The water bladder I had filled at the earlier water stop started leaking. I had to transfer it to save it. Folding bottles don’t last. Three hikers came after me. Among them was a girl, Carrot Quinn, who wrote a blog about her hike on this trail last year. Must be addictive. It was one of several I read while planning this hike.

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