Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 5, Pioneer Mail PG To Rodriguez Tank, Mile 68.4

PCT Hike Sunrise CG _ PCT Hike Trail _
Tuesday: (04/22) Woke at 0600. Extremely windy all night My Tarptent Moment DW tent stayed in place all night. The wind was still heavy when I got up so I repacked my backpack inside the tent. Then the only things to add to the pack after that was the tent and dropcloth The dropcloth was pulled from under the erected tent first and put away. Then I pulled the down wind tent stake and removed the center rod. Finally I arranged the tent for rolling up before pulling the last stake. I was on trail at 0715. I met some more Southbound hikers. Many of them are hiking South to the Kick-Off meeting that I’ll be attending this weekend. I had brunch along the trail sitting on a rock with a nice desert view. I had lunch with some fellow hikers at the bottom of a ravine about halfway on today’s hike. I had the best shade there so Zak and Taylor, Whitney and Jan (two girls starting a section hike), and Saunter, an older man headed South. It was a long day when I arrived at Rodriguez Tank where I had dinner. Since the water needed filtering I decided I still had enough for tonight and tomorrow having carried 8 litters all the way from Mt Laguna.

PCT Hike Cowboy Campsite _
I left about 1715 to hike down the hill toward Sizzer Crossing. I made it about halfway down before 1930 when I decided to cowboy camp (no tent) in a wash about 5 miles down and four miles before Sizzers. It was extremely windy again tonight. I met Arch Angel (Mike) a guy who started to hike the trail South from I15 when his  Greyhound bus broke down. He’s headed to kickoff too. I thought my pack was heavy at 60 pounds. He said his was 80 pounds.

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