Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MM1599 To MM1614, Fischer Lake

PCT Etna Bobs Cafe 0812150637
Wednesday: (08/12) Off to breakfast at Bob’s at 0600. The cook hadn’t arrived so the waitress started my breakfast burrito. Back at the Hostel and all ready to go at 0711, 50 minutes early.
PCT Etna To Seiad Valley 0812150955 PCT Etna To Seiad Valley 0812151438_HDR
On trail 0900. Started with SuperTramp on a ride back to the trail provided by a local trail Angel. Met Cookie and Mr E and another SoBo thru couple. Also met a German man doing a SoBo through. Bonanza passed me NoBo while I was taking advantage of a cell signal.
PCT Etna To Seiad Valley 0812151938
I stopped for the night at Fischer Lake MM1614. With Bonanza from NC, OMW (Old Man Walking) and someone else who arrived after I tucked myself in.
GPS:Lat 41.496723, Lon -123.105197

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