Thursday, September 3, 2015

Monterrey Fair

Thursday: (09/03) I made a breakfast sandwich to start  my day. After completing a few tasks, we were off to Monterrey to see their fair. We stopped for lunch at the Black Bear Restaurant in Seaside before entering and being tempted by the fair food vendors. The fair was a nice small fair. On the way home we stopped at Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing for dinner.

Monterry Fair 0903151451 Monterry Fair 0903151524
One of the best bunch of vegetables I’ve seen. Much better than in any store. All from the Salinas Valley. And then there was the nice bunch of pies. Looking isn’t the same as tasting which I did and a booth in the building.
Monterry Fair Pig  Race 0903151647a Monterry Fair 0903151701b
We always like the pig races. Maybe it’s their smiles. We also like the local artists work.
Monterry Fair 0903151740d Dinner at Phils Fish Market 0903152033
Such friendly animals. We wore ourselves out and enjoyed dinner back toward home in Moss Landing at Phil’s Fish Market.

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