Thursday, January 21, 2016

Change Of Plans

Thursday: (01/21) We were supposed to get the motorhome back today with it’s newly rebuilt transmission. Lou tried to get the Jeep washed yesterday evening but she was one minute late to the car laundry. So she was off early to get it washed this morning. About 15 minutes after she left I got a call from her asking where the insurance forms were. She had been rear-ended by a lady in a Merccdes SUV that was busy placing her coffee into the cup holder in the car. I came down to take photos. Lou wasn’t hurt but did have a stiff neck. I drove her home in the Jeep and parked it in the driveway. We then went to Kaiser to have here looked at. Just some whiplash so sore neck and headache for a while. We called the insurance company and made a report to the Department Of Motor vehicles as required. I looks like the body is pretty well tweaked with the three rear door severely damaged. More than likely it will be totaled. About 1400 I called about the RV. The service representative called me back later and said it was back from their transmission shop but the mechanic there had advised replacing the harmonic balancer on the engine so it won’t be ready today. We’ll pick it up Monday after we return from San Diego which we are headed to in the little car tomorrow. Ernie was busy getting a new toilet from Camping World for his trailer. He installed it with a touch of help from me in the late afternoon. Other than all this, I relaxed all day. Granola for breakfast. Tomales for lunch. BBQ ribs with backed potato and kale with bacon salad.
Lou's Accident Photos 0121160902a_HDR Lou's Accident Photos 0121160908c_HDR Lou's Accident Photos 0121160908_HDR
Our damage. May not seem like much but the whole vehicle is folded in the middle. Check out the door bulge.
Lou's Accident Photos 0121160904_HDR
Their damage.

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