Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finalizing Projects

Wednesday: (01/20) No rain today. Lou was off to an appointment early this morning. I didn’t intend to do much today so I relaxed inside most of the morning. I prepared a late breakfast sandwich for breakfast. Outside I met Ernie and helped him a little repairing a leak in his toilet. I also worked on the new tent tying down the tarp flaps, moving a bush that ended up under the tent and trimmed another bush. Lou found that the carrots in the greenhouse were being eaten. It supposedly is enclosed enough to keep critters out. I never screwed down the end plastic panel next to Lou’s new shed so squirrels could come in from the roof so I secured the panel again. Hopefully that was the entrance. I also I hung a tarp on one end of the greenhouse to shield it from the sprinklers where the pots and planter mix is stored. I also fixed some drip system sprinklers. My final task was to put some screws in Lou’s readjusted shelving for Dawn’s shed. Lou and Dawn went to LUU’s Noodle House for lunch and returned with some eggrolls for my late lunch. An afternoon nap helped me prepare for dinner which was leftover chicken, potatoes and peas.

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