Friday, February 12, 2016

BART, Purisma Creek OSP to Alice’s

Friday: (02/12) Today’s hike started at 1000 so I had an easy morning. Of course, breakfast was from L&L Hawaiian, my usual sausage egg and cheese English muffin and a maple bar.  With the tank filled, i joined my fellow hikers at Alice’s Restaurant on Skyline Road in Woodside.  We grouped into carpools nd drove further North to Purisima Creek Redwood Preserve. We hiked the Bay Area Ridge Trail back South along the mountain ridge to Alice’s where we had lunch. This was about a 10 mile hike without too much up and down on a nice clear day. It seems like spring right now, a little early.
Purisima Creek To Alice's 2 Purisima Creek To Alice's 1
Nice ridge views and a nice mixed forest to hike through.
Purisima Creek To Alice's 446785553 Purisima Creek To Alice's 446785609
On left taking a break at a trail junction. I’m in orange. On the right above is our hiking group.
Dawn made artichoke blintzes for dinner. Lou and Dawn were off to San Jose for appointments and shopping.

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