Friday, February 26, 2016

Grant Ranch Hike

Grant Ranch Hike 0226160957_HDR Grant Ranch Hike 0226161038_HDR
Friday: (02/26) I met my fellow hikers at Grant Ranch on Mt Hamilton for a hike. Susanne led a nice hike through the park. it involved some good climbs. We made our way to the top of three peaks.
Grant Ranch Hike 0226161052_HDR Grant Ranch Hike 0226161352_HDR
On the last one there was a spur trail that went about .8 miles down before having to return back up. One fellow hiker and I continued on a couple of miles on cow paths and ridges making our way back to our start.
Grant Ranch Hike 0226161402_HDR Grant Ranch Hike 0226161403_HDR
Our path was about 3 miles shorter than our fellow hikers so we got to the cars an hour before them. We then waited even longer for two slow hikers to get back. Always hate to loose a hiker. Nice hike above the smog of the valley that existed today. There was a fire down in the city that crated a black column that rose perfectly strain up a thousand feet or so making it’s way above the smog then spread out in the wind that existed above the smog. Susanne provide cookies and cokes for an after hike shack. I hope that doesn’t become expected when I lead hikes but it was really nice of her. My usual hiking breakfast from L&L. Granola Bars for lunch. Lou’s pepper steak sandwiches for dinner.

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