Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our New Wheels And A Sore Point

Our New Wheels
Thursday: (02/04) Busy day today. I made an appointment with my kaiser doctor to have my elbow looked at. It’s been sore for the mast month and i finally decided to have it looked at since we’re home and since we don’t have non emergency medical away form Kaiser regions. It was a short visit. I have tennis elbow due to strain. Probably lifting all those bags of concrete were too much for my old muscles. It will get better in time. I got a brace for it that makes it feel much better. We then headed up to Redwood City to the Jeep dealer there to see if they could beat our deal in San Jose for a new Jeep. They couldn’t. After lunch we headed down to San Jose to Normandin Jeep and test drove our choice, a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Of course it was a nice ride so we bought it. No more messing around, studying, questioning and dealing with salesmen. Our new Jeep is Mango/Tango colored (sort of orange) We finally drove away at 1615. Our first trip was to downtown San Jose to pick up Cecelia whose car had broken down. We returned to the dealer and Lou and Cecelia picked up our rental car and We all headed home. I went directly and they made some stops to shop along the way. There will be a lot to learn about this car. I have to get the modifications started for the towing and brake system so we can pull it behind the RV. I was actually considering doing the mods myself but now, with the excuse of my bad elbow, I’ll be letting others do it. Lou made a nice breakfast of chorizo and eggs. We had sandwiches for lunch. Dinner at the Black Bear in Milpitas.

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