Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Walk-About SF

San Francisco Hike 0202161205a_HDR
Tuesday: (02/02) Granola for breakfast then off to San Francisco on the train. I was out on a walk-about. Since it was hard to avoid, I looked around what they are calling Super Bowl City. They have closed down most of central San Francisco thinking that it will be of interest to all the Super Bowl fans. Judging by the “crowd” today, that may not happen. And if it does receive the half million people they expect, they’ll be stacked 10 high. It was too crowded for me today with maybe 500 people. That and there is nothing to see there anyway. There were as many police there as guests and half of them were carrying assault rifles. It all made me uncomfortable so I left. I had a combination lunch. Egg tarts from China Town, and pizza from North Beach.
San Francisco Hike 0202161546_HDR San Francisco Hike 0202161557_HDR San Francisco Hike 0202161701_HDR
I walked around ending up on top of Mount Sutro. You can see Sutro Tower in the left photo on the way into the neighborhood. At the end of one of the streets a trail (Center above) leads into the open space area and up to a closer look at the tower. (above right)
San Francisco Hike 0202161659_HDR San Francisco Hike 0202161705_HDR
Nice views from the top before I headed back down through the neighborhoods.The rain that started the day turned into a nice clear afternoon so some good views from up top.I had dinner at a little cafe and then caught the train home. A good stretch.

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