Monday, February 8, 2016

Writing A Wrong

Monday: (02/08) Leftover Chinese food for breakfast. We packed up our bags, collect a few things we collected and  went to the laundromat to wash our sheets and towels. We waited to meet Helen’s son Jay before we left town. He had been over at Pismo Beach this weekend. While we waited we drove up to Hillcrest memorial Park where my mom is buried.  Sad to say we don’t visit often because we don’t do funerals and the like but i did visit the place a couple of years ago and didn’t see a plaque on her niche. We check at the office and they had the order for the plaque still in her file. It should finally be installed in a month or so, only 25 years late. Better late than never. We then headed out toward Hart park trying the Jeep out on some dirt roads before we got the call that Jay was in town. After we loaded up and said our goodbyes, we headed over to Dewar’s Ice Cream parlor for a late lunch of ice cream. Dawn and I shared a  banana split and Lou had a sundae. We then headed out to Interstate 5 and North toward home. We made  a dinner stop at Harris Ranch on the way. Traffic was made much worse than it needed to be because of a bunch of bad truck drivers poking along in both lanes pacing each other. We were home just after 2000.

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