Sunday, March 27, 2016

Aguereberry Point

Sunday: (03/27) Lou and I had an early walk around the campground. Too many people were frying bacon for breakfast so I convinced Lou to prepare bacon eggs and home fried potatoes for breakfast when we returned to the RV. Later Dawn and i were off on another trek, this time out Wildrose Road. We checked out the flowers, visited the Ghost town of Skidoo and several mines there and along the way. We also went out to Aguereberry Point. Along the way we visited Aguereberry mine and house. The view from the point was amazing. You can see both ways up and down the valley and also along the valley leaving to the West from Stovepipe Wells. The view is better than from Dante’s Point on the East side of the Valley. We then returned home. Lou prepared smoked beef brisket with broccoli and leftover tofu salad. We also attended the ranger talk about What Is A Wilderness before sitting outside and watching the camp and talking about all we saw.

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