Friday, March 25, 2016

Death Valley NP

Friday: (03/25) Up with the sun but in no hurry. Enjoyed the birds and views. We were on the road a little after 0900 and stopped in Ridgecrest for breakfast in a shopping center parking lot. A nice cell signal here so I caught up on the posts. We made our way on up Highway 178 to Highway 190 to go in to Death  Valley NP. Apparently all the work on the RV did not fix the reason it went in The transmission repair is good but the loss of power problem remains. Going up into the Panamint Mountains on Highway 190 we ended up creeping along  and one point barely able to do 8 mph. No place to pull off clear of the lanes. Eventually there was a level to downhill section where we built up speed but came up behind a truck that was doing 20 mph and that killed our climb so we limped behind the truck with it maintaining it’s slow speed and we kept slowing down again. We made it to a nice level pullout. I stopped and shut down the engine and we let it cool. I took a nice nap. We also had BBQ ribs and rice for lunch. We then disconnected the Jeep and made it up to the summit with no further problems as separate vehicles. We stopped in Stovepipe Wells to get our permit and reconnected the Jeep. We continued on to Furnace Creek and got a campsite at Sunrise CG. It was 95 degrees when we arrived. We headed over to the store for ice cream. Lou made a nice cold salad of tofu, corn, ham olives, and artichokes for dinner. A nice evening outside watching the stars.

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