Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Eventually Gone

Wednesday: (03/23) I had a breakfast sandwich that i was trying out from Grocery outlet. About OK. It easily carried me through till lunch. We were all busy getting ready to go. I had to pack my things, collect my tools, do tank duty (filling and emptying as needed),  fixed the sprinklers so the plants survive when the rain stops, collected all my hiking gear for the PCT hike, collected the resupply food I have on hand, Packed my computer and office stuff, and made a run to REI because I still haven’t seen my sun hat recently. This all took most of the day. We finally hit the road about 1730 so we departed in commute traffic. Lots of stop and go. We stopped in Gilroy at the Longhouse Restaurant for dinner. Lou and Dawn had liver and onions and I had fish and chips.
When I had everything hooked up and tested the light a realized a little error I had made. The lights on the scooter rack worked fine under the Jeeps power but didn’t work when connected to the RV. Of course. I’d need to extend the RV circuit on out to the trailer connector. So I will when I have a chance, but not now. Also, unfortunately, I removed the reflectors to install the lights so no reflectors there either. After dinner we stopped at an auto parts store and I bought some reflective tape to add to the rear. Should be good until the lights get power.
In any case we are on the road and put some miles between us and the house so the pull is weakening.

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