Thursday, March 17, 2016

Murietta Falls, Ohlone Wilderness Tail

Thursday: (03/17) Up early because this hike is out by Livermore, a pretty good drive away.  I had breakfast from L&L Hawaiian as usual, a sausage an cheese English muffin and a maple bar. I was ready to go when Jessica arrived. We took my Jeep and picked up Alex on our way out of town. We headed off to Lake Del Valle to meet our fellow hikers for an early, for us, 0900 start. Another nice hike with the San Jose Mid-Week Hikers. This was a wonderful, strenuous hike out to a nice seasonal waterfall. The mountains and trees were a good match for St. Patrick’s Day being a vibrant green. Here is my track for the hike:
It was quite a climb up the mountain (1924 feet up and down twice) to the water falls about 6.6 miles out. The return was the reverse of our way in. We enjoyed a nice lunch by the water fall.
 The falls. 
Our lunch site I was back home before 1800 and Lou had a nice corned beef and cabbage dinner ready.
Murietta Falls 25Murietta Falls 254220Murietta Falls 254_ee22915e33_k Murietta Falls 0317161233_HDR
Really green! Not like the usual California hikes. it won’t be like this in a month.
Murietta Falls 447941131 Murietta Falls 447941247
My gang at the falls (left) and on the trail (right).
Murietta Falls 447941261 Murietta Falls 447941340
A couple of rare Don shots above and below left.
Murietta Falls 447941433 Murietta Falls 25792021021_419c366f65_k
I do like to relax on the occasional rock or log. We passed a buzzard on the way up.
Murietta Falls 25861202276_d64a044993_k Murietta Falls 25862396536_dc7f0c9ed6_k
Nice flowers hills above left. On the right the group fording a dangerous stream.

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