Thursday, March 24, 2016

Red Rock Canyon SP

Thursday: (03/24) Intended a nice waffles and berries with sausage breakfast but could do it because the Generator wasn’t working. Could have used battery power but if generator was out would prefer not to so we just hit the road. I checked most every thing but didn’t find the problem so I thought it might have been a problem when the RV was serviced. In addition I noticed the driver’s side mirror was loose, again, and drifting out of alignment. We stopped at the rest stop down the road at Kettleman city where we had yogurt and berries for breakfast. Then I did more checking on the generator and found it was working but power wasn’t getting to the power panel. I found a loose connector on the low voltage transformer box. W forgot abut the loose mirror and remembered after we were back on the road. We arrived in Bakersfield about 1130 and stopped at Walmart. I fixed the loose mirror and replaced the bungee cord that holds the front TV in place. The then spent some time inventorying my resupply box food to make sure i have everything I’ll need to my three weeks of hiking after next week. We wont have as good a shopping area out in the desert. It turns out all I needed was some more granola bars (Walmart), sausage and cheese (World market nearby) and peanut butter packets (Sprouts Market a couple of miles away.) Lou also had a shopping list that she got at Walmart. We were then off to lunch at the Rice Bowl, and excellent Chinese restaurant. A final task was to fill the RV and Jeeps gas tanks. One thing the new Jeep has is a gas filler on the wrong side of the vehicle. I was able to fill the RV at a busy gas station but getting re-positioned to the other side for the Jeep wasn’t possible so we headed out. It being 1730 rush hour traffic by then I stayed on local streets rather than going on to the freeway. Along the way we found another Arco station to fill the Jeep then were off over the mountain through Tehachapi on Highway 58 to Highway 14 where we headed North and stopped for the night at Red Rock Canyon State Park just as it was getting dark. We had fruit and cereal for dinner.

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