Wednesday, April 13, 2016

PCT Hike, MM578 to MM592

PCT MM578 to MM592 0413160627_HDR PCT MM578 to MM592 0413160702_HDR
Wednesday: (04/13) I hiked on through nice country (more trees).
PCT MM578 to MM592 0413160733a_HDR PCT MM578 to MM592 0413160733b_HDR PCT MM578 to MM592 0413160942_HDR
I met “Half Fast”, an older hiker like me, from Portland, Oregon at Golden Oak Spring. Notice the nice green water. Actually, the water from the pipe trickling into the trough was nice.
PCT MM578 to MM592 0413161002_HDR PCT MM578 to MM592 0413161021_HDR
Today was mostly a hike through a wind farm. No wonder it’s so windy today. They have a good crop.
PCT MM578 to MM592 0413161021a_HDR PCT MM578 to MM592 0413161512_HDR
Of course part of the hike was through a burnt area. Actually a lot of beautiful trail today.
PCT MM578 to MM592 0413161612a_HDR PCT MM578 to MM592 0413161641_HDR
Wind strong gusty all day. Little sun. Lots of trees down across the trail. Cold gusty drizzle evening. I was trying to make it over the crest but stopped just short because the wind was approaching from that side of the mountain and was bad enough where I was. Just as it was getting dark I stopped at a flat spot, MM598,  after wading through wet grass and plants for over three miles coming up the mountain. 20 miles today.

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