Thursday, April 14, 2016

PCT Hike, MM592 to MM612

Thursday: (04/14) I awoke the wind still blowing strong. Every thing was wet from rain all night, at least past midnight. I slept in, hoping the wind would stop and/or things would dry. Neither happened. I broke camp cold and wet. My hands were too cold to tie my shoes. Fortunately, they were in loafer mode, tied loose enough to be slip-ons.
PCT MM592 to MM612 0414160908_HDR PCT MM592 to MM612 0414160908b_HDR
Pretty but cold and windy.
PCT MM592 to MM612 0414161257_HDR PCT MM592 to MM612 0414161257b_HDR
i eventually walked out of the wind and clouds/fog into sun. Nice. i stopped and dried my stuff.
PCT MM592 to MM612 0414161813_HDR PCT MM592 to MM612 0414161813a_HDR
Picked up my water cache at Jawbone Canyon Road. Good thing because the spring nearby didn’t look good. Further on I stopped at a sunny spot, out of the high winds with nice rocks to hang things on where I dried the tent, sleeping bag, lounger mattress, etc. Made it over the hill heading down to Kelso Valley Road, about 4 miles ahead where I stopped for the night at MM612. Another hiker Jens “Adventure Chicken” from Germany came into camp with me about 30 minutes after I’d settled in for the night.

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