Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Picnic and A Birthday

Tuesday: (04/26) Happy birthday to me. Nice to have another one. Nice scrambled eggs with leftover hamburger and fresh salsa for breakfast. After breakfast in the back yard I setup the  RV water and drain lines so we could take our showers in it while we wit on the water heater repair. We headed off to a Open House/Picnic/Wake. One of my fellow organizers for hikes by San Jose Midweek Hikers has sold his house, bought a new motorhome and will be hitting the road full time in a few days. The open house was to look at his new toy. The picnic was lunch for the group and the wake was for loosing a good leader. On the way home we stopped at the Oakridge Mall and looked around. We had dinner at the New York Cheese Cake Factory enjoying a shared cheesecake and a shared shepherd’s pie, plenty for the three of us to share. Nice day.

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