Thursday, April 7, 2016

PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160658a_HDR PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160702_HDR
Thursday: (04/07) Up 0600, on trail 0700.
PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160719_HDR PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160744a_HDR
We completed a few miles through more old burn area and finally came into the wind farms, miles and miles of them.
PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160754_HDR PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160755b_HDR
Above left an interesting flower, on the right a fallen tree blocking the trail.
PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160828_HDR PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160828a_HDR
More flowers.
PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160828b_HDR PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160828c_HDR
And more.
PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160829_HDR PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160829b_HDR
And more.
PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160830_HDR PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160830a_HDR
And even more.
PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160852_HDR PCT MM555 to MM566 0407160947_HDR
Around 1000, while taking a break at Oak Creek with 8 miles to go, I Called Lou to pick us up around 1400 at Highway 58 and Cameron Road (MM566). I was hiking with Tortoise (Jess from Phoenix) and Dump Truck (Kyle from San Diego). I had Lou empty the rear of the Jeep and she met us all at 1400 and we drove back to Hikertown to return Tortoise and Dump Truck to their car. A few minutes after we were on th road it started to rain quite well. We would have been soaked if we had arrived much later. Lou and I returned to Tehachapi and, after a shower on my part, had dinner at a local deli and bakery. We all shared a single poor boy sandwich and took 1/4 home. I also had a nice broccoli and cheese soup and took away a great cheese cake. Nice to have completed these 122 miles with good weather and water. Now comes a tricky really dry section, or usually is. May be really muddy after these rains.

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