Saturday, May 7, 2016

Avoiding The Rain

Saturday: (05/07) We all went up to San Mateo to Jake’s restaurant for breakfast. It was part of our avoid the crowds method, in this case avoiding the Mothers Day crowds that will be out tomorrow. On the way home we did some window shopping. It was a rainy day most of today as well so. I did breakup some safety glass from an old shower door that’s been hanging around for years. Breaking was easy, the cleanup took a while. That was enough real work so I tinkered on the computer much of the day. I did order a new dishwasher for our kitchen. the existing one saw it’s best days years ago. Lou made smoked beef with black bean noodles and artichokes for dinner.
Sunday: (05/08) The real Mothers Day. We enjoyed French Toast with a variety of fresh berries for breakfast. Cecelia, Courtney and Meili joined us. Courtney also filled us with mojitos as well. Lunch was chips and dip. Leftovers for dinner. Otherwise we relaxed at home all day. Exciting!

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