Monday, July 18, 2016

PCT MM1290 To MM1280, Belden Town

Waterfall Near Belden 0718160903_HDR Belden 0718161521_HDR
Monday: (07/18) MM1280, 10 miles today. Above left is a waterfall just before arriving at Belden Town.  On the right is the Belden Town hotel, bar, restaurant, and store. I arrived about 0930 and enjoyed a CFS breakfast followed by a shower, doing my wash and receiving my resupply box. I loaded my pack and enjoyed a nice Belden burger and Angry Orchard cider for lunch then left town about 1500.
Flower 0718161743_HDR Campsite 2 miles South Of Belden 0718161943_HDR
Nice flowers on the left above. I made it about half way up the 4000′ climb to the only campsite listed on the way up. It was occupied. There was room for me to cowboy camp there. I learned from my fellow occupant of some nice Trail Angels at Buck Lake where i hadn’t intended to stop.
GPS: 39.988174, -121.259129

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