Saturday, July 16, 2016

PCT MM1325 To MM1309

Pattern In Wood 0716160925_HDR Flower 0716160926a_HDR
Saturday: (07/16) Some interesting items above. Left is a thin piece of wood or bark that had an interesting pattern. On the right is another flower/fungi.
PCT Halfway Marker 0716160955_HDR PCT Trail 0716161231_HDR
I passed by the halfway point of the Pacific Crest Trail. Above left is the marker.
Butterfly Perched By Pack 0716161323d_HDR PCT Trail View 0716161421_HDR
A beautiful butterfly rested on my backpack during one of my breaks.
Flowers 0716161438_HDR Flowers 0716161438a_HDR
Not as many flowers as there were a couple of weeks ago but there are some. These above are the same. They seem to age into the more vivid orange and red colors.
Flowers 0716161605_HDR Flowers 0716161652b_HDR
Another flower/fungi on the left above. the flowers on the right were most rare. I only saw six plants where I took this photo and they were never seen again. I camped at MM1309, hiking 16 miles today.
GPS: 40.152454, -121.438365

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