Wednesday, July 13, 2016

PCT MM1361 To MM1355, Old Station

Wednesday: (07/13) I was up early and had breakfast at the Blackberry Patch Restaurant. Loaded my pack and waited for my taxi. It arrived a few minutes early at about 0820. The driver is retired and used to be an astronomy instructor at Foothill College in Los Altos and lived in Palo Alto. Small world. He dropped me off in old Station where I had left the trail. I filled my water bottles and bags and was on the trail by about 0930.
Hat Creek near old Station 0713161117a_HDR Burned Area South Of Old Station 0713161328_HDR
The trail wandered through some generally flat treed area then came to the Hat Creek. I took a break there. After that the trail started to climb up through a burned area until just before I stopped for the day.
Burned Area South Of Old Station 0713161638_HDR Camp By Lake 16 Miles outh Of old Station 0713161832_HDR
I camped by Lower Twin Lake at MM1355, 16 miles today. Nice day. I have a camp deer and geese on the lake. Today I passed over 20 hikers. Just 7.5 miles to Drakesbad Guest Ranch for lunch tomorrow.
GPS: 40.505133, -121.362855

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