Monday, August 8, 2016

El Churro Regional Park

Monday: (08/08) We finished packing the RV. I received my replacement phone about 1000. I set it up and we departed near 1100. Nice traffic due to the late departure. We stopped in Greenfield for lunch. A nice chili verde plate for Lou and i and a torta for Dawn. We also enjoyed some flan. A nice nap stop at the rest stop near Camp Roberts. Another stop in Paso Robles for the thrift stores. We arrived about 1830 at the El Churro Regional park and settled in  to our space. Leftover noodles and a green and bean salad.
Tuesday: (08/09) A typical day. Up early for a walk around the campground and a visit to the Arboretum. Lou made sausage, eggs, and fried potatoes for breakfast. Fiddled around at camp much of the morning. Then headed off to San Luis Obispo’s Best Buy to get a screen protector installed on my new phone. We then headed off to Pismo Beach for lunch at Pismo Fish And Chips. And finally we dropped off some books at a book store in Arroyo Grande then visited thrifts stores. Leftovers for dinner.
Wednesday: (08/10) Granola for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to Arroyo grande and San Luis Obispo looking at book stores, thrift stores and other things. i stayed home, attended a webinar, hiked around the park, and relaxed. No bigfoot sightings today. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and chili size for dinner. Lou and Dawn stopped at a German deli for a late lunch.
Thursday: (08/11) We went over to Francisco’s Country Kitchen in Arroyo Grande for breakfast. Dawn wanted their oatmeal for breakfast. I enjoyed their special of the day chili verde enchiladas and eggs. Lou had her steak and eggs. All good. Then we were off to a thrift store, a farm supply store, then downtown. Dawn exchanged some books at a bookstore there and I looked around. Then a visit to the Cal Poly Arboretum and back home. Lou made chow mein for lunch. We returned downtown at about 1800 to the SLO Farmers market. Always interesting. We had some kettle corn and BBQ tritip for dinner.
Friday: (08/12) Lou made potato pancakes with apple sauce and yogurt for breakfast. We headed off toward home about 1120. Lunch in Greenfield at El Rancho San Miguel Market. I unloaded the RV and relaxed after a shower. Lou made burritos for dinner.

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