Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PCT Hike MM956 To MM972 Lots Of Lakes

Tuesday: (08/23)
PCT MM956 to MM972 0823160710 PCT MM956 to MM972 0823160801
Above is the nice long waterfall and the river by last nights campsite.
PCT MM956 to MM972 0823161108a_HDR PCT MM956 to MM972 0823161110_HDR
More great scenery.
PCT MM956 to MM972 0823161257_HDR PCT MM956 to MM972 0823161619
All sorts of it.
PCT MM956 to MM972 0823161620 PCT MM956 to MM972 0823161729
Met section Hikers Cindy and Whit from Delta from Delta, Alaska doing Tuolumne to Echo Lake. I never had any energy today. I’m amazed I did 16 miles. I camped at MM972 for 16 miles today.

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