Friday, September 2, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1017 To MM1028, An Almost Dry Hole

PCT MM1017 To MM1028 0902161133 PCT MM1017 To MM1028 0902161133a
Friday: (09/02) Had the motel breakfast, cereal, mini-muffin, and OJ. Headed off East on Highway 108. I was dropped off at Sonora Pass at 1015. It started with a three mile climb over the ridge. Then there was a nice six mile downhill.
PCT MM1017 To MM1028 0902161232 PCT MM1017 To MM1028 0902161251
There were a lot of big rocks on the trail much of the day making the going slow.
PCT MM1017 To MM1028 Flowers 0902161614 PCT MM1017 To MM1028 0902161351 PCT MM1017 To MM1028 Waterfall 0902161643 PCT MM1017 To MM1028 Trail Ledge 0902161655_HDR
Some nice “flowers and a good green rock above left. Nice scenery along the trail including a waterfall.
PCT MM1017 To MM1028 0902161655a_HDR
Some big mountains here.
PCT MM1017 To MM1028 0902161655_Pano
And finally, two miles up to my campsite at MM1028. Lots of water until I got to this campsite that was supposed to have water. Only a small puddle but it’s clear. Stopped at 1800, only 11 miles today.

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