Sunday, September 4, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1044 To MM1063, Lily Pad Lake

PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161044 PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161150
Sunday: (09/04) Cold wind this morning made putting away the tent interesting. I also deferred my morning potty break until I got lower out of the wind and where there were some trees. Gusty wind all day. Nice this evening. Lots of day Hikers today.
PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161144_Pano
PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161155_Pano
PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161510_Pano
The trail really doesn’t curve on these panoramic photos. it’s usually a nearly straight line.
PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161150_HDR PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904160819 PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161150a
Typical lack of trees on the upper area of this sections mountains.
PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161236 PCT MM1044 To MM1063 0904161524a
I hiked until 1930 making 19 miles, even with a bunch of climbs. I camped at Lily Pad Lake, MM1063.

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