Friday, September 16, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1144 To MM1127, North Blackwood Creek

PCT MM1144 To MM1127 Tinker's Knob South View 0916160725 PCT MM1144 To MM1127 Tinker's Knob South View 0916160822
Friday: (09/16) Tinkers Knob above left was just to the North of my campsite.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 Alpine Meadows Ski Area 0916161029 PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161140
Some nice views from the ridge above several ski areas. i really liked the colorful slope on the right above.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161141_Pano
Same spot as the above photo in panorama view.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161504_Pano
Some bleak trail areas.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161555_Pano
Same bleak, different color.
PCT MM1144 To MM1127 0916161555
Nice views of Lake Tahoe too. Great weather, not as cold as I expected. Fortunately I arrived at my campsite before a Boy Scout troop did. While they were noisy on the trail and setting up their tents, by 8pm they were almost unnoticeable. I camped at MM1127, North Fork of Blackwood Creek. 17 miles today.

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