Monday, January 9, 2017

Hech Hechy Pathway Hike

Monday: (01/09) Dawn made smoothies for breakfast. We all took a walk through Barron Park to visit the donkeys. We continued on along the Hetch Hetchy pathway to San Antonio Mall. I stopped for an early lunch of a breakfast burrito at Safeway Market. I then checked out the building construction projects there. I then continued my walk on down to Castro Street in Mountain View and checked out the building construction project there. I noticed something I hadn’t seen before for wood frame construction. The project is a large building project with two levels of underground parking and a commercial level at street level made using steel and concrete. The three floors of condos above that are being built using wood frame construction. The interesting part is that the framing is factory built. They arrive in approximately 8”x10' sections and are assembled with additional materials into the building. Must make it cheaper and quicker and probably more accurately constructed. I then caught a bus home. No rain even though we had a 30% chance of it. Nice walk. Leftovers for dinner.


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