Sunday, February 5, 2017

SLO, El Churro Regional Park

Sunday: (02/05) On the road at 0730. Fueled up in town. Took highway 58 through Paso Robles to SLO El Churro Regional Park arriving about 1000. Relaxed at home. Leftovers for breakfast included more Chinese and Basque leftovers. Lunch included the last of the Basque leftovers, some Basque fried potatoes and some of Lou’s homemade mushroom soup. When I checked the tire pressure I found that the right rear inside tire was flat. Not good. I called road services about 1620 to put on the spare. There were a couple of calls ahead of mine so it took a while for the tech to arrive. About 1740 the tech from  Mark’s Tire Service arrived and repaired the loose valve stem extension on RR inside tire after removing the tire and inspecting for leaks. Also removed spare.

Monday: (02/06) Lou and Dawn had stuffed portobello mushrooms for breakfast. I had a sausage and cheese sandwich. We had about two inches of rain last night, still cloudy and rainy today. After breakfast, I took a walkabout the campground and walked over to the Arboretum and up the hill. Lots of water in the creeks, lots of mud everywhere. Beautiful flowers in the arboretum. We headed off to downtown San Luis Obispo doing shopping and looking. For lunch, we headed off to Pismo Beach with the intent of lunch at Pismo Fish and Chips. That didn’t work out because they are closed Mondays. So we head over to Country Kitchen Restaurant in Arroyo Grande. Then visits to thrift stores, bookstores and hardware stores before coming back to SLO to Costco for a walk out of the rain. Chili sizes for dinner.



Tuesday: 02/07) Granola and bananas for breakfast. We headed back to Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach. Thrift stores, bookstores, etc. Lunch at the Pismo Fish And Chips restaurant. On the way home, we visited three more thrift stores. During the day my cold got worse so we stopped at the Golden Gong restaurant for some hot and sour soup, the magic cold elixir. Soup and a fortune cookie for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/08) No rain. More Hot and Sour Soup for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a grilled cheese sandwich thrown in at lunch. I remained home all day my cold. Lou and Dawn were out in Grover City area shopping all day. I watched a lot of Jag’s first season and the movie The Best Marigold Hotel. Nice movie.

Thursday: (02/09) No rain. Lou made scones for breakfast. Relaxing around home and took a walk around the park in the morning. Lunch was more hot and sour soup. We did some house and lot hunting around Grover Beach in the afternoon. Dinner at Pismo Fish and Chips again. Lou and Dawn enjoyed a campfire in the evening until it started raining.

Friday: (02/10) PB toast for breakfast. It was raining again today making breaking came that much more fun. We were on the road by 1030. We remained separate vehicles until after Cuesta Grade North of San Luis Obispo. We stopped for lunch in Greenfield at the San Miguel market. Dawn and I shared a torta and we had some flan. Lou had a seafood salad with chips. Another stop in Salinas at the mall where I took a nap while Lou and Dawn took a walk in the mall. After a stop for some gas, we were home by 1600. Dinner was leftover enchilada casserole.

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