Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fun With The Jackhammer

Wednesday: (04/05) While eating my granola for breakfast I got a call from a friend requesting a ride to Redwood City. Lou and I gave the ride then took a walk nearby before heading home. I got to work with the Jackhammer breaking out the rest of the old fence base and removed one of the four post bases. I finished my day working on removing the tree stump next to the fence. I didn’t make much headway bending my maul and breaking my ax handle. This may take a while. Lou made a chicken sandwich for lunch and I got a super nacho from El Grullense for dinner.

Thursday: (04/06) A rainy day. Harbor freight visit for ax and splitter. I tried to use my battery powered sawsall on the roots but it kept stalling. So I headed back to Harbor Freight and bought a new corded sawsall. I recently threw away my old one away because it had a bad blade jaw and was generally obsolete. Since rain was threatening more, I headed down to San Jose to deliver the two new yard chairs that were banging around in the back of the car. While there I picked up Dawn’s old desktop computer and returned it to Palo Alto. Also brought my air compressor home. On the way home I picked up 8 more bags of concrete mix at Home Depot. The little car carries the load well. It was raining really hard when I got home so I just left everything in the car.Granola for breakfast. I picked up some Chinese food when out on my first run for lunch. My dinner was leftover Chinese and some of Dawn’s Mac and cheese.

Friday: (04/07) Granola for breakfast. I drove Dawn to an appointment in the morning. We had some extra time so we walked the Valley Fair Mall. It’s really torn up for remodeling but it looks like it we are getting about 50% bigger. We stopped at Sprouts for a couple of things on our way home. Lou and I went out to get Dawn some Hot and Sour soup. She has a sore throat. On the way, we stopped at Walmart for some more groceries and I found a couple of nice shorts as well. When we got home we realized we forgot the soup. I returned and found that the place we usually get it has new hours and is closed from 1430 to 1630.I’d have had to wait an hour so I headed over to their other location and got some. Mission accomplished. After dinner of Lou’s roast beef baked potatoes and corn on the cob, I finally got to work. It still wasn’t raining, just the occasional sprinkle. I was able to remove several roots and chip away about half of the stump I need to remove. A good workout to a bit muddy work.

Saturday: (04/08) A potentially rainy day. Some sprinkles and a heavy shower or two but also some sun. Breakfast sandwiches to start the day. Lou and I made a shopping run to Walmart and sprouts in the morning. Lou and I visited Walgreens midday. Lou and I made another shopping run to CVS, Sprouts and Grocery outlet in the afternoon. I was busy working on our taxes all day and evening. Leftover Chinese food and roast beef for dinner.

Sunday: (04/09) I worked on collecting info for doing the taxes all day. All collected not minus a couple tiny items. Lou and I drove up to Redwood City to take a walk in a Kmart. Lou and Dawn were busy with the laundry. They also visited the Farmers Market. Granola and banana for breakfast A roast beast and cheese sandwich for lunch. Roast beast pasta casserole for dinner.

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